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BasqueLaine Blackwater Special Red, CG1 12/16/01 - 6/23/04

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Bert and Angela Pos of the Netherlands (kennel Of Dark Brightness) on the sudden and tragic loss of their beloved "Sharif" BasqueLaine Blackwater Special Red.  Sharif just recently earned his CG1 obedience diploma with Angela.  He was close to finishing his Dutch championship.  Sharif leaves the offspring of one litter, the Z litter of Dark Brightness, and may have another litter on the way.  Our thoughts are with Bert and Angela during this very difficult time.  Nothing can fill the void they are feeling right now.

Welcome New Canadian Import

BasqueLaine is pleased to announce the arrival of a new puppy from Maximum Belgians in Vancouver, Canada.  Maximum BasqueLaine Gallivant "Giuseppe" is from the Maximum G Litter (born 4/7/04) out of Marissa and Toivo's daughter "Jo", BasqueLaine-N-Maximum Tres Jolie HIC, by Laura's handsome boy "Blaze", Maximum Everlasting Flame, a littermate to our "Dusty".  Giuseppe lives with Whitney Tamborski and is co-owned by BasqueLaine.  His registered name is yet to be determined.  We're really excited about this Toivo/Marissa grandbaby and look forward to watching him grow up.  Click here to see photos of Giuseppe.

USDAA Regional Finals, Irving Texas

On June 19th/20th Rusty Pearson and the amazing "Maxwell" competed in the USDAA Regional Finals held in Irving, Texas where they had a very consistent and successful weekend.  With the top dogs from all over the Southwest region competing, it was tough going for placement ribbons.  The good news is Rusty and Maxwell's Team, Rocket Paws, took 11th place (there were 45 teams) and qualified for the National Championships to be held in Arizona in November!  Maxwell pulled his own weight on the team earning 3rd place in Masters Standard as well as earning qualifying scores in all team events but one.  After the team events had come to an end, Maxwell competed in the Steeplechase Finals which they had qualified for on Saturday.  Once again, Maxwell was the only non Border Collie to make the final round in their division (26" class).  Maxwell gave it all he had and ran flawlessly until the last jump, where he jumped just a bit late causing a bar to come down.  Unfortunately, the dropped bar cost them a 5 second time penalty which dropped them from 2nd to 4th place.  The only dog/owner who beat their time was the 2004 World Champion, Marcus Topps and his BC "Juice."

AX Agility Title for Maxwell

On June 12th/13th Rusty Pearson and his Rocket Terv "Maxwell" earned their AX title in Hutto, TX with another 1st place finish.  They then went on to capture 1st place in Jumpers (Exc B) with a really smooth run on a really tight and twisty course.  Maxwell is now more formally known as UAGII BasqueLaine-Montage Secret Agent AX AXJ EAC OJC OGC TN-O HIC SS WETT CGC TD.   Rusty has his eye on earning Maxwell's AKC Masters titles by the end of the year.  We wish them the best of luck!

3 Point Major for Toivo

Woohoo!  In only his second show our Dutch import "Toivo" Typical Toivo of Dark Brightness PT goes Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a 3-point major.  The show was Bryn Mawr KC in Ludwigs Corner, PA on 6/12/04 and the judge was Marjorie Tuff.  Toivo is expertly piloted by co-owner Kathy Madden.  Thanks, Kathy, you're the greatest. ;-)

NADAC Agility -- Maxwell

On June 5th/6th Rusty and "Maxwell" competed in a NADAC agility trial in Hutto, TX where they had some beautiful runs, finishing off their Elite Agility Certification (EAC) and earning another Tunnelers leg.  They had the fastest run of all dogs in Tunnelers and the fastest Jumpers run of all Elite dogs as well -- both runs about 2 seconds faster than any other dog.  Maxwell is now more formally known as UAGII BasqueLaine-Montage Secret Agent OA AXJ EAC OJC OGC TN-O HIC SS WETT CGC TDI.  Way to go Rusty and Maxwell the Rocket Terv!  

AKC Agility -- Maxwell

On May 29th/30th Rusty Pearson and "Maxwell" competed at an AKC agility trial in Tulsa, OK.   They came home with a first place in Excellent A Standard (11 seconds ahead of 2nd place and 16 seconds under Standard Course Time) and two 2nd place ribbons in Excellent B Jumpers with Weaves.  They also earned 30 MACH points on their 2 Jumpers runs.  That makes 3 MXJ legs so far!

New NADAC Agility Titles for Merlin

Congratulations to Marti & Ray Wiseman and their boy "Merlin" for earning their NGC (NADAC novice gamblers certificate) and OAC (NADAC open agility
certificate) titles in late May.  Way to go guys!  Merlin is now more formally known as BasqueLaine-Montage Secret Passage PD1 NGC OAC OJC TN-N CGC TDI.

Herding News -- New PT Title for Toivo!

We are very pleased to report our Dutch import Toivo had a successful weekend at his first ever herding event at the Burlington County KC Trial in Shamong NJ.  He earned back to back PT legs for his title, and was so good the judge the first day commented that Toi had the nicest PT run he had seen in many years.  Sunday's judge was very impressed with his calm working style. Trainer/Handler/Co-owner Kathy Madden says she was truly thrilled with Toivo's performance and couldn't have asked for a more willing, obedient partner in the arena. We can't wait for their next event in July, when they move up to trial and attempt to earn their first HS legs.  Toivo is now more formally known as Typical Toivo of Dark Brightness PT.  Way to go Kathy and Toivo, and thanks, Kathy, for everything!

Spies'N Heroes Agility News

Marti & Ray Wiseman and "Merlin" competed in a NADAC trial in Columbus, Ohio May 1st and 2nd.  Marti and Ray shared handling duties with Merlin running 6 for 8 in qualifying runs -- garnering four first places and one fourth place.  On Saturday Merlin finished his Novice Standard title (first place and fourth place), picked up his first Novice Gamblers leg (first place) and his first Open Jumpers leg (first place).  On Sunday, despite having flooded show grounds, COLD weather, and blowing rain, Merlin picked up his first Open Standard leg.  On their last run of the day Merlin galloped through a jumpers course that was in places 2 to 3 inches under water.  Didn't bother Merlin a whit, and he brought home a qualifying ribbon (for his Open Jumpers title!) and a first place.  Now we can add NAC and OJC to the end of Merlin's name!  Merlin is more formally known as BasqueLaine-Montage Secret Passage PD1 NAC OJC TN-N CGC TDI.  Way to go Marti, Ray, and Merlin!

Rusty Pearson and "Maxwell" (littermate to Merlin) competed at a USDAA trial May 1st, and a NADAC trial May 2nd.  On Saturday (in Greenville Texas) Maxwell went 3 for 4 in qualifying runs, with a first place in Starters (by over 12 seconds), a first place in Gamblers, and second place in Pairs Relay.  On Sunday (in Mansfield Texas) Maxwell went 2 for 4 in qualifying runs, including having the fastest time of all Elite dogs in his Regular run, and a first place in Elite Tunnelers.  Maxwell is more formally known as UAGII BasqueLaine-Montage Secret Agent OA AXJ OAC OJC OGC TN-O HIC SS WETT CGC TDI.  Next stop, the Malinois Nationals AKC Agility Trial in Myrtle Springs TX.  Good Luck Rusty and Maxwell!

Congratulations Angela & Sharif

Congratulations to Angela Pos-Gelauf and her Terv boy "Sharif" on a successful weekend April 24th/25th in both obedience and conformation somewhere in the Netherlands.  In conformation Sharif was awarded CAC/CACIB, BOB, and 6th in the Herding Group.  He needs just one more CAC to become a Dutch Champion.  In obedience Sharif completed the final requirements for his first level Dutch Obedience Diploma (CG1).  Sharif is now more formally known as BasqueLaine-Blackwater Special Red CG1.

New NADAC Titles for Maxwell

Rusty Pearson and his Terv boy "Maxwell" had a successful weekend April 24th/25th at a NADAC trial in Wichita, Kansas going 8 for 11 in qualifying runs including 5 first places, 2 second places, and a third place.  In the process they also completed 3 more NADAC titles: Open Regular (OAC), Open Jumpers (OJC), and Open Tunnelers (TN-O).  Way to go Rusty and Maxwell the Rocket Terv!

A New Agility Title for Merlin

Marti & Ray Wiseman and their Terv boy "Merlin" had a nice weekend in the performance classes at a USDAA trial in Pittsburgh on April 17th/18th.  On Saturday Ray ran Merlin in P1 Standard, Gamblers and Snooker with happy success -- taking a fourth place in Standard, also qualifying in Gamblers and Snooker taking second and first place ribbons respectively.  On Sunday Marti ran Merlin earning three qualifying ribbons -- Standard (second place), Gamblers (first place) and Jumpers (first place).  The end result was that Merlin earned his PD1 title!  Way to go Marti, Ray & Mr. Merlin.  Merlin is more formally known as BasqueLaine-Montage Secret Passage PD1 NJC TN-N CGC TDI.

Step aside Border Collies, here comes Maxwell!

Rusty Pearson and "Maxwell" had an awesome weekend April 17th/18th in Terrel Texas at their second ever USDAA trial, garnering 5 blue ribbons out of 7 runs!  But that's not the best part.  On Saturday they signed up to run in the Grand Prix event. This is a Masters level course (19-20 obstacles) where any dog at any level can compete.  Needless to say, since most of the field of entries were Master level dogs and Maxwell is in Starters (Novice), Rusty and Max had their work cut out for them in their attempt to qualify for the Regional Finals.  Among the group competing against Maxwell and Rusty were a Border Collie on the USDAA World team and Rusty's instructor's Border Collie who happens to hold the Clean Run world record for the fastest weave poles.  To put it mildly, they were facing a very high level of talent.  But when the dust settled and the winners were announced, it wasn't a Border Collie taking home the highly coveted first place award, it was, you guessed it, none other than Maxwell, BasqueLaine-Montage Secret Agent HIC OA AXJ NAC NJC TN-N OGC SS WETT CGC TDI.  Woohoo Rusty and Maxwell -- you go boys!

Roni's First AKC Point

Congratulations to Bonnie Sue O'Neill and her "Roni" BasqueLaine Ultra Montage, who was Winners Bitch from puppy class for her first AKC point the weekend of April 17th/18th in Timonium Maryland.  Roni is also owned by Rhonda Barb and Kathy Madden and she's handled by Julie Fichter.   Roni is from our U Tervuren Litter out of "Serah" Hexen House Iserah sired by "Teva" Am/Can Champion Montage Jazz Festival OA OAJ OAC OGC.

March/April 2004 Agility News

Congratulations to a couple of the boys from our Spies'n Heroes Litter for their agility accomplishments during the months of March and April, 2004:

"Merlin" and his owner/handler Marti Wiseman had a great NADAC weekend in early March, qualifying in 3 of 5 runs on Saturday, and 5 of 6 runs on Sunday.  They earned 5 first place ribbons, 1 second place ribbon, 1 third place ribbon, and 1 fourth place ribbon, finishing up their Novice Tunnelers Title (TN-N) and picking up two legs each towards their Touch-N-Go and Weavers titles.  Way to go Marti & Merlin!  Merlin is now more formally known as BasqueLaine-Montage Secret Passage NJC TN-N CGC TDI.

"Maxwell" and his owner/handler Rusty Pearson continue to dazzle and awe in multiple agility venues:

  • In early March Maxwell and Rusty competed at an AKC trial in McKinney Texas where they earned yet another 1st place ribbon (their 13th in the AKC venue!) in Excellent A Jumpers with a clean run that beat 2nd place by 8 seconds and the standard course time by a little over 11 seconds.

  • In mid-March Max and Rusty did their first USDAA trial where they competed in the Steeplechase local qualifier on Friday (26" class) turning in the second fastest course time of the day and earning 5th place, qualifying for the finals on Sunday. Their Sunday run earned them a 6th place and a spot at the USDAA Steeplechase Nationals in Arizona in November. Maxwell was the ONLY non Border Collie to make the final round (in his division) and the only non Masters dog to make it into the finals!

  • In late March Max and Rusty were back to the AKC venue in Houston, Texas, where they picked up their AXJ title in their usual fashion --yep, that means another blue ribbon! Maxwell shattered the course time by over 15 seconds and beat second place by 12 seconds!

  • It was back to NADAC in early April (Rendon, Texas) where Maxwell and Rusty went 4 for 7 over the weekend with all 4 Qs being first places. Their first run was in Open Tunnelers where Maxwell turned out the 2nd fastest time of the day (yes, he got beat by Rusty's instructor's Border Collie again). Maxwell covered the course in 19.1 seconds which calculated out to nearly 7.1 yards per second! Is that flying or what?  Maxwell then went on to take first place in Open Gamblers accumulating 43 opening round points and making the gamble with time to spare. Maxwell's 63 points were the most points earned at any level that day!  They also completed their Open title (OGC). Rusty reports that Maxwell's Open Jumpers run was a sight to see as Maxwell blew the competition away by huge margins while averaging 6.3 yards per second.

  • Easter weekend Maxwell and Rusty were back to the AKC venue (Garland Texas) where Maxwell finished up his OA title in style (yep, another first place) 18 seconds under standard course time.  They also picked up their first MXJ leg with a 3rd place in a very competitive Excellent B class.  Way to go boys!

Maxwell is now more formally known as UAGII BasqueLaine-Montage Secret Agent OA AXJ NAC NJC TN-N OGC HIC SS WETT CGC TDI.  Needless to say, we are very proud of Maxwell and Rusty's agility accomplishments!

OFA Cardiac Certifications

We are pleased to report the following BasqueLaine owned and/or bred dogs recently passed their cardiac exams and received OFA Cardiac Certifications:

Tervuren Puppies Born April 1, 2004!

We are very excited about our Tervuren "V" litter born April 1, 2004.  We have 4 males, 2 females, all red/fawn in color.  Click here to meet the puppies.  Dam is our delightful Swedish import, "Marissa", Mahagonny's Rites of Passage.  Sire is our exciting Dutch import, "Toivo", Typical Toivo of Dark Brightness. Click here to view the pedigree cross.  This is a repeat breeding of our T Litter.  We expect lovely puppies who enjoy good health and possess outgoing stable temperaments.  These pups should be well suited for agility, obedience, herding, tracking, pet assisted therapy work, and more!  Pups will be ready to go to their new homes in early to mid June. This promises to be a truly outstanding litter in health, structure, type, and temperament. Performance and/or show homes preferred.

Puppy Match & CERF Brag! 

Congratulations to Bonnie Sue O'Neill and her little Terv girl "Roni" for winning the herding group at Roni's first puppy match in early March 2004.  Roni is more formally known as BasqueLaine Ultra Montage.  She is owned by Bonnie Sue O'Neill, Rhonda Barb, and Kathy Madden and was handled by Julie Fichter.  More good news -- Roni also passed her CERF exam at 7 months of age! Roni was "purple girl" from our "U" Tervuren litter sired by Am/Can Ch Montage Jazz Festival OA OAJ OAC OGC "Teva" out of our Swedish import Hexen House Iserah "Serah".  Roni will be making her AKC and UKC show debuts later in the month of March.  We wish the best of luck to Miss Roni and her crew!  Recent photos of Roni coming soon.

Sharif in Obedience 

Angela Pos of the Netherlands, kennel Of Dark Brightness, reports that "Sharif", BasqueLaine Blackwater Special Red, completed half the requirements for his first level Dutch obedience diploma in late February.  Soon Sharif will be sporting a Dutch CG1 obedience title after his name. Way to go Angela and Sharif!  

Hero Health News 

We are pleased to announce that "Hero", BasqueLaine-N-Maximum Sons of Liberty HT, received his OFA ratings in February 2004 -- Hips Good, Elbows Normal. His MSU complete thyroid panel was also normal.  Hooray for Hero!

Maxwell's Excellent Agility Adventures 

Rusty Pearson and his rocket Terv "Maxwell", UAGII BasqueLaine Montage Secret Agent, NA OAJ NAC NJC TN-N HIC SS WETT CGC TDI  have been burning up the agility rings in the past few months in both AKC and NADAC venues picking up a few new titles and turning some heads:

In early December, 2003, Maxwell and Rusty finished up their AKC Open Jumpers title with a clean run and a 1st place, clocked at 28 seconds with a standard course time (SCT) of 43 seconds!  ALL of Max's OAJ qualifying legs were perfect scores and good for 1st place, well under SCT.  The next day Maxwell picked up his first Excellent Jumpers Q, once again winning the 1st place ribbon and running well below SCT -- of the 26 dogs entered in Excellent A & B, Maxwell had the second fastest time, only a half second behind the winner of the 24" Excellent B class, who is working on MACH 2 and happens to be Rusty's instructor's dog. ;-)

In late January, 2004, Maxwell and Rusty competed at a NADAC trial where Maxwell had 4 runs good for 4 first places!  Max earned his Novice Gamblers Title with a 1st place run, had a nice Tunneler's run also good for 1st place, and had two fast Novice Standard runs both good for 1st place, shattering the course times by 16 and 23 seconds respectively, 

In mid February, 2004, Maxwell and Rusty were back to the AKC venue. We are pleased to report Maxwell's blue ribbon campaign continues to be unblemished as Maxwell earned 1st place on his two Open Standard runs, beating the SCT by 17 and 22 seconds respectively.  That makes a total of 12 first places in Maxwell's young AKC career! 

In late February, 2004, Maxwell and Rusty competed at their second NADAC trial of the season going 6 for 10 in qualifying runs and having the fastest time on every run but two over the weekend.  Maxwell earned his Novice Regular (NAC), Novice Jumpers (NJC), and Tunnelers (TN-N) titles and picked up legs towards both his Open Regular and Open Gamblers titles in addition to a few ribbons -- three 1st places, two 2nd places, and a 3rd place!

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