Our Females

These are females we own, co-own, and/or have produced from our litters.  This includes adults we've incorporated into our breeding program and youngsters we hope to use for breeding in the future.

Some of the girls live with us, others live with their owners/co-owners.

Follow the links below to learn more about each of the girls.

Females who live with us:

Mahagonny's Rites of Passage

Blackwater's Rock the Cradle

BasqueLaine-N-Maximum Tres Jolie HIC


Dusty Jo

BasqueLaine-N-Maximum Ukelele



Females who live with their owners/co-owners:

Hexen House Iserah

BasqueLaine-N-Maximum Ready or Not HIC

BasqueLaine Ultra Montage

BasqueLaine Velvet and Lace


Roni Lacey
Blackcomb BasqueLaine Bewitched      


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