Pedigree Cross for the BasqueLaine Serendipity Litter -- Kieran -x- Marissa

BasqueLaine Ulysses of Toome

Am/Can CH Montage Jazz Festival OA OAJ OAC OGC Am CH Bergeau Pinot Grigio UK BISS CH Opium van de Hoge Laer at Corsini
Brit. CH Charbonny Hedda
Am/Can CH Landmark Par Avion HS JHD CGC TDI

BISS Am/Can/UKC CH Belamba Seaflower Montage CD PT JHD CGC TDI TT P-BAR

Am CH Snowflower Maine Attraction

Can. Champion Hexen House Iserah


Loucky de la Maison du Bois R.E. Neth/Lux/Fr/Bel/Int CH Grimm van de Hoge Laer CQN
Hisis de la Maison du Bois (G)
Tchai van de Hoge Laer s.r. Horry de la Clairiere aux Louves
s.r. Kleo van de Hoge Laer
Mahagonny's Rites of Passage HIC R.E. s.r. Fr CH Milton de la Clairiere aux Louves BTr R.e. Femto du Bois du Tot

R.e. Day-Dreem de Condivicnum

R.E. Tiakie du Sart des Bois

R.e. Eden de la Clairiere aux Louves

R.E. Neth/Lux/Fr/Bel/Int CH Grimm van de Hoge Laer CQN

Altesse de la Clairiere aux Louves

Jolie Poupee de Condivicnum R.E. Fr CH Emir de Condivicnum BTr

Tolrick du Sart des Bois

Aurea de Condivicnum

Gelinotte du Parc du Pathyvel

R.e. Day-Dreem de Condivicnum

Verone du Parc du Pathyvel

Country Codes
Can =Canadian
UK=United Kingdom
UKC=United Kennel Club

Misc. titles
CGC=Canine Good Citizen (American Kennel Club)
CQN=Certificate of Natural Qualities (protection - Belgium)
G'94=Gedragstest (mental/character test) 1994 (Netherlands)
HIC=Herding Instinct Test
SAR=Search & Rescue
TT=Temperament Tested (American Temperament Test Society)
UV=Endurance Test (20km - Netherlands)
BAR (C,O,P) = Breeders Achievement Award (Conformation, Obedience, Performance)

Conformation titles
BISS=Best in Specialty Show
CAC=National Champion of Beauty certificate
CACIB=International Champion of Beauty certificate (FCI)
CH=Champion of Beauty
pE=producer Elite (recommended for breeding - Holland. Awarded at the Dutch National)
R.E.=Reproducer Elite ((in French reproducteur or reprodutrice elite), category A - x number of s.r. subjects produced plus dog/bitch him/her self was an s.r.)
R.e.=Reproducer Elite, category B - x number of s.r. subjects produced (dog/bitch not an s.r. themself)
s.r.=subject recommend (in French sujet recommande), given at French National, must have HD-A rated hips, must get an excellent in the open class, committee of judges selects the s.r.'s from those that qualify.
S=Selectif (Belgium)
W'01=Winner of Holland's biggest show (2001)


Performance titles
BTr=Ring Brevet (intro level to French Ring)
GG1=First level Dutch obedience
GG2=Second level Dutch obedience
HSAs=Herding Started A course - sheep (American Kennel Club)
PT=Pre Trial Tested (herding - American Kennel Club)
TD=Tracking Dog
T91=Travail 1991 (working dog - Belgium)
UWPCH=United Kennel Club Weight Pull Champion
VZH=Verkeerszekere Hond (IPO mental test)



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