Champion Typical Toivo of Dark Brightness HSAs
Hips OFA Excellent, Elbows OFA Normal, MSU Thyroid Normal, OFA Cardiac Normal, CERF 10/03

Toivo received a passing CERF eye rating in October 2003 (#BT-2975) with the notation "punctate cataract significance unknown" and the breeding recommendation of "breeder's option".  Basically, he presented with a pinpoint spot/opacity in one eye, and it's debatable as to whether or not it is hereditary or even a cataract.  Some veterinary ophthalmologists will pass this type of thing and others won't, it can be very subjective.
In the past 3 years Toivo was examined by 3 ACVO (American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists) vets who offered different opinions.  One said it's remnants of the hyaloid membrane and a non-issue, another said it's a punctate cataract on the lens, and another said it's a punctate on the lens capsule, NOT the lens.  So, we have multiple professionals in some disagreement as to diagnosis/cause.  I know of  several similar cases relative to cataract diagnoses, ACVO/CERF examiners, and room for interpretation.  Veterinary eye specialists don't always agree on type, shape, size, location, and breeding implications of cataract diagnoses.  A punctate opacity is not a black and white issue.
We will let some time pass and have Toivo examined again by one or more board certified veterinary ophthalmologists to determine if anything has changed from his prior exams.  Sometimes, these types of opacities disappear or dissolve. (Is that a cataract or something else?).  Results will be reported on this page.
Toivo has a lot to offer to the breed, including excellent health in all areas.  We hope to use him selectively and cautiously in our breeding program in the future.  We will consider letting others use him selectively as well, provided the pedigree is very clean for eyes.  Clearly Toivo's sight is not affected as he shows no signs whatsoever of vision problems.  He jumps fences and climbs ex-pens in the dark, he herds with no problems.  There is nothing to indicate this little spot on his eye is vision affecting in any way. We would NOT consider using him for breeding if his eye issue was vision affecting.  We are still in the process of getting the owners of Toivo's offspring to have CERF checks done (all are relatively young).  So far, none have reported any vision problems.
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