BasqueLaine Maximum Nick of Time



Captain pictured above at 7-8 months of age



Captain loves water ;-)


Did we mention Captain loves the water? <G>  He loves tennis balls too ;-))

Captain pictured above from 3-5 months of age

Captain pictured above at 9 weeks of age

Breeders: Kelley Hoffman & Laura Maxim
Owners: Mark and Cathy Miller
Date of Birth: November 17, 2004

SIRE: Can. Champion Maximum Everlasting Flame HIC
DAM: BasqueLaine-N-Maximum Tres Jolie HIC

Captain's Pedigree

Captain is from our Time Litter and is 
a littermate to Jackson, Griffey, and Gracie and a full sibling to Giuseppe.

Click here to learn more about Captain's parents.

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