"U" Tervuren Litter

Puppies born August 2, 2003

Hexen House Iseraham of our "U" Tervuren litter is our Swedish import, "Serah", Hexen House Iserah. This litter was a co-breeding with Natalie Vivian of Blackcomb Belgians in BC Canada.

Serah is a Grimm van de Hoge Laer grandaughter. Her pedigree also brings the old Chemin des Dames lines up quite close.  Her maternal grandsire is the French "sujet recommande" s.r. Horry de la Clairiere aux Louves of the famous Femto x Eden cross.  Her maternal granddam is one of my favorites, French "sujet recommande" s.r. Kleo van de Hoge Laer.

Iserah is of medium size with lovely breed type and expression.  She has a fun-loving clownish temperament, always full of enthusiasm but easy to live with. Serah turned 3 yrs old this past April.  She is seizure free, hips OFA Good, elbows OFA normal, eyes ACVO normal. We think Serah will produce some outstanding puppies matched to Teva. 

Am/Can CH Montage Jazz Festival OA OAJ OAC OGCire of the "U" Tervuren litter is the dynamic "Teva", Am/Can Ch Montage Jazz Festival OA OAJ OAC OGC.   Teva is a beautiful male who has proven himself in both the conformation and performance rings.  He's owned by Kathy Madden of Montage and Darcy Ferrentino of Talisman. He's a son of the late "Jazz", AmCH Bergeau Pinot Grigio, and a grandson of top producing British stud "Carlos", Opium van de Hoge Laer at Corsini. 

Teva will be 6 yrs old in September.  He is seizure free, hips OFA Good, elbows OFA normal, OFA cardiac and thyroid normal, eyes CERF clear.  He has sired one litter which are 3 yrs old, all of whom are OFA and CERF certified.  Both Teva and his pedigree including littermates have proven to be quite healthy to date.

Although calm indoors and easy to live with, Teva has very high focus and intensity when working . As an agility dog, he and his co-owner Darcy Ferrentino are an awesome team! Teva also works with Darcy as a therapy dog and has been very successful helping troubled children and teenagers.

We expect Iserah and Teva to produce healthy puppies of stable temperament with stunning European type.  These puppies should be especially well suited to competition performance activities including herding, obedience, and agility. Click here to see more photos of the parents and the pedigree cross.  Click here to see photos of the puppies from 0-8 weeks of age.  


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